how to repair bikes

How To Repair Your Bicycle – The Best Way To Take Care of a Flat Bicycle Tire

how to repair bicycle

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It Will Happen Eventually

Probabilities indicate that one of these is coming your way eventually. If you do much riding a bicycle, you’ll eventually encounter the annoying flat tire. It is likely you do not want to become stuck while out on one of your rides so get ready upfront.

The rest of this text will provide you some much valued how to repair bicycle tools to prepare yourself. Believe me when I say it that these skills may save your day!

Tips About How To Resolve A Flat Bike Tire – Exercise Time For Your Wrists and Hands!

Before you replace the punctured inner tube, you are likely to require a brand new one. You’ll find that most of your flats will certainly be a outcome of your inner tube leaking and not necessary due to a hole in your tire. If you merely switch the leaking inner tube with a brand new one, your tire will be completely ride able just as before.

OK, you have your inner tube ready now what? Put the inner tube aside and unlatch and remove your wheel from the bicycle. It is actually impossible to remove and then exchange your inner tube while the wheel is still secured on the bike.

Out With the Old and In With the New

Making use of your fingers, push or roll the rubber tire and deflated inner tube over wheel rim. Not everyone is capable of getting the tire and tube away from the rim using only your fingers so it would be a good idea to try this out before hand. Tire levers are a nice backup if you have a hard time getting the tire off using only your fingers.

There are plenty of different types of tire levers, nonetheless they all perform very similarly. You can now use the levers to pull the tire quite easily from the rim. Since tire levers are so compact, you really should be carrying a set with you while cycling simply to be on the safe side.

Leaky Tube Removed What Now?

Ones first thought will probably be to instantly place your new inner tube into the tire and then try and roll it back onto the rim; but stay away from this temptation. You actually have to first ensure that whatever it was that generated you your flat is no longer there (bit of glass, screw etc).

Glimpse inside your tire to try and find any proof of something which could puncture your new inner tube. Examination finished and no sharp objects identified, time for you to put the new inner tube back into the tire.

Give Your Brand New Inner Tube Some Body

To make it simpler to work with, first give the unfilled inner tube several shots of air from your bicycle pump. Place your completely new inner tube inside your rubber tire and slowly and gradually put it back onto your bicycle rim. Before you begin to place the tire back onto the wheel rim, make certain that inner tube’s valve stem is first placed into the hole in the wheel rim. With the valve inserted now you may gradually place the tire tube back onto your rim making use of your tire levers or your fingers.

Before you start to re-inflate your tire, make sure that your inner tube is still completely inside your tire or you may puncture it when it is pressured up again. If you are enjoying this article then why not visit my website at There you will find many more great hints and tips to keep you riding longer. Now, simply push the tire aside as you spin your rim around and look inside. You should not see any of the inner tube at all. With that complete, pump it up to your desired pressure which is marked on the side of the tire.

You Did It!

With your tire fully inflated and holding air, you can now re-install the tire back onto the bike. With that step complete it’s now time to get back on the road and feel the wind on your face once again. For some general information on bike riding you can visit


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